Apple iPhone turns five today


Apple iPhone turns five today

Five years ago today, Apple released the first-generation iPhone. Priced at $499 for a 4GB model and $599 for the 8GB model, it featured EDGE cellular networking, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a 2-megapixel rear camera, and was exclusive to AT&T. Notably, it was limited to 16 built-in apps—the App Store didn’t debut until a year later.

In celebration of the anniversary of its release, we’d like to point you to our reviews of each generation of iPhone, and have also embedded a video of Steve Jobs unveiling the iPhone at MacWorld Expo in 2007. Feel free to share your iPhone remembrances in the comments below.

Apple iPhone (4GB/8GB/16GB)
Apple iPhone 3G (8GB/16GB)
Apple iPhone 3GS (8GB/16GB/32GB)
Apple iPhone 4 (16GB/32GB)
Apple iPhone 4S (16GB/32GB/64GB)


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