Apple iPod event scheduled for Sept 1

Apple iPod event scheduled for Sept 1 1

Apple iPod event scheduled for Sept 1 2

Apple has begun emailing select members of the press, inviting them to a special event in San Francisco on September 1. As it has been in the past, the event will be held at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater, and will be focused on the company’s iPod line, as indicated by the invitation’s image of an acoustic guitar with an Apple logo cut-out. Apple is widely expected to introduce updated iPods at the event, likely including the fourth-generation iPod touch, and possibly a rumored next-generation Apple TV, which may be renamed iTV, as well as 99 cent TV episode rentals.

  1. Most interested in seeing a new shuffle. I want to see how Apple response to a badly received player and if the rumor of a touch screen is true it might be kinda cool..

  2. I know everyone else wants it, but I really, really hope the new iPod touch doesn’t have a camera. If it does…then I can’t buy one since we can’t have cameras of any kind at my workplace. This will REALLY hurt if they jump to 128GB, as I was hoping to replace my old 120GB Classic with a new touch…>.>

  3. Is it too much to ask for a demonstration of iOS4 for iPad. They should at least demo how it will work differently, since it is hopefully far enough along for a demo.

    Example: Background apps taskbar. iPhones have an oriented design (there is a designated UP), the iPad doesn’t. The shift-up taskbar at the true bottom is probably not as nice on the iPad as, say, an Expose 4- or 9-pane overlay. Grey out and/or blur the foreground app, and overlay a multi-page expose-like rendering of running apps (in their varied last-run orientations) with icon/text to clearly identify them.

    Also, the icon re-arrangement on the home screen that varies with orientation sucks.

    Maybe there will be new backgrounding services in addition to the ones the iPhone has. Maybe ones that are more tablet/netbook useful, but too power hungry or out-of-place for an iPhone. persistent sockets, for background updating is an obvious sort, tho similar to push notifications, may require a dialog box/settings pane to track its use. They may continue to kick that down the road until they get it right.

    I imagine that since the iPad has less RAM than the iPhone 4, they may even employ a freeze-to-Storage for running apps. iPad apps take a little longer to start up, and I think it may be a safe angle to take that iPad users switch apps less haphazardly than iPhone users. A pseudo-swap technique, limited to descreet contexts (whole running apps), not expanding memory using real swap (which is slow and unneeded).

    Just a few ideas… They gotta do something.

  4. @3, Yeah, I really really hope they have some iOS 4 iPad love. I no longer have my old iPod touch, and my iPad is feeling very left out of the deal here. Just a firm release date would be nice…

  5. Curious to see if there’s a new iPod Touch patterned after the iPhone 4.

    Ready to groan when the iTV and iTunes TV episode rentals are debuted.

    #1: Apple hit the Shuffle nail on the head with the 2nd generation. Will they retreat and regroup after the defeat of the 3rd-gen model? We’ll see. But a touchscreen at this size? How would that be useful/usable?

  6. I don’t seem to be quite as excited to the iPod event this year. I guess this used to be the only Apple special event all year so it kind of have a lot of buzz, not there’s the iPhone event, iOS event, iPad event, etc.

    And maybe also the iPod is always playing catchup to the iPhone anyway (mostly), catching up on features the iPhone already have, not much surprise there.

    But hopefully I’m proved wrong!

  7. I really hope a price cut to ipod family.
    I know that apple products are awesome, but I know people who rather buy a cheap 10 bucks mp3-player than 100 bucks ipod shuffle.

    Also I hope that iPod Touch is getting superfast A4 chip and retina display, it’s all that I care about.
    Forget about the cameras! Who needs them anyway, everyone have a much better digital camera.
    But if the price is same, 5Mp back camera would be cool.

  8. I’ve read yesterday that the White iPhone4 is in production since august 17th. I can say if it it is true but i’m hoping that Jobs announces the white iPhone4.

  9. I really like the new shuffle and hope it doesn’t go touchscreen. I understand the complaints against it, but it’s perfect for mountain biking. I don’t want to have to look at the screen.

    Maybe the nano will go touch?

    Also, for me, the rental model is not bad, since I don’t tend to save tv shows after watching them. For kid shows, we would have to buy. They get watched over and over.

  10. I sure hope apple doesnt make the 32 gb or 64gb better than the 8gb or 16gb, for example making retina display or front facing camera only 64 or 32.
    All i want is an ipod touch with dual cams retina, gyroscope, A4 chip, new design, A4 chip an gyroscope not as much

  11. @ Jeff,

    Sadly, I don’t think the guitar exists.

    The picture is of a Martin D-35 but a call to my friends at Martin leads me to believe the Apple sound hole is courtesy of Photoshop. Martin did not build one for Apple.

    It would be pretty cool though…

  12. Maybe the iPod will be rebranded as part of the iPad family and there will be three sizes iPod touch size (or a touch bigger) a new 7 inch and the current size with ios4 and front and rear facing cameras on all of them…wishful thinking of course. 🙂

  13. Dear Uncle Steve,

    Sorry I have not written to you in a while as I’ve been trying my best to settle into my new home. My new Dad is awesome and he spends lots of time with me, feeds me all the time with cool apps, and shows me off to all of his friends.

    The only problem is I’m having trouble concentrating. My little brother seems to be able to think a lot faster and do these amazing tricks with his apps after dinner (they disappear and reappear!! )

    I’m just not able to keep up with him for some reason and he’s starting to pick on me a little bit.

    Then I noticed one day that he was wearing a pair of iOS4 pants and when I looked at mine it only says 3.2.1. And they feel kind of tight so it’s hard to do the same tricks.

    I know you are really busy keeping up with the rest of the family, but do you think you could send me a pair of those new pants as well?

    I promise I’ll take care of them and eat lots of apps so I can stay strong and learn new things.

    Thanks Uncle Steve and please say hi to SE/30 for me! I know his memory isn’t so good these days, but he always said I was his favorite grandson.



  14. God yes! Its my birthday on the second and ‘m getting the money for a new ipod, just hope its available same day!

    I think that its the most important year yet for iPod Touch, as Apple takes its premium AND most exciting player to the next evolution, what direction will it take? Gaming or social networking, how serious is the device meant to be?

    I’ve just got a second gen shuffle so a new touch one would hurt, but be ultimately smarter than the stupid buttonless one. awful!

    Why change the nano? Its perfect – bump the battery, improve the display, KEEP THE CLICK WHEEL. PLEASE KEEP BUTTONS APPLE THEY ARE PRACTICAL FOR THE GYM!!!

  15. It would be smart of them to announce a new version of iTunes (iTunes X/10.0) which merges the iBookstore with the iTunes Store.

  16. Please make the new iTouch 4G similar to the iPhone 4G but improve the battery life and increase capacity to 128Gb if not higher!

    God… it’ll probably cost ALOT of money knowing Greedy APPLE >:(

    Get RID of the shuffle FOREVER!!!

    It’s a Da*n joke and a waste of resources!! Use those resources towards the remaining iPod, Nano and iTouch!

    SCREW the shuffle!!!

  17. I only want an iPod touch with a Retina Display, A4 chip and rear camera with flash. Don’t really care about Facetime, though Apple clearly does, so I think that is out of the discussion.

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