Apple: iPod game buyers, re-purchase for classic, 3G nano [updated]

iLounge has confirmed with Apple that past purchasers of iPod games will have to re-purchase the titles to play them on the recently-released iPod classic and iPod nano (with video). According to an Apple representative, the games will need to be repurchased because they were “reformatted” for the new iPods.

Reformatted iPod games currently include EA’s Tetris and Sudoku, as well as Namco Networks’ Ms. Pac-Man. An additional 15 titles are yet to be converted for play on the iPod classic and new nano. Each game sells for $4.99, and no further guarantees of compatibility with other devices, such as a computer, iPhone, or iPod touch, are made by Apple.

Updated: Each of these games has been updated to version 1.1.0, adding new user management features and in the case of Tetris, new control schemes. However, downloading the iPod nano- and iPod classic-compatible version 1.1.0 games will still result in the installation of version 1.0.0 on fifth-generation iPods. Additional screenshots and details are available in this article.

  1. Next, every 10.5.x update to Leopard will be another $129! I’m building my time machine to go back when Apple stopped screwing us. At this rate, they’ll be merging with M$ by next year…

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…

  2. I’m already pissed about them taking the notes off the iPod touch… I use the notes app on my iPod, and they couldn’t even leave in a “read only” notes app. The iCal thing hurts too, but now they’re making me buy my $20 worth of iPod games again? I could buy season 3 of Robot Chicken for that much!

  3. This is just plain stupid. They’ve just taken away my incentive to upgrade my 80GB 5.5

    1. I can sell my 5.5 – but not the games as they are tied (DRM’ed) to my iTunes Account

    2. I can’t use the games on any new device Apple is selling

    I could understand if this where version for the iPhone/iPod touch as it’s a completely different type of hardware and controls – but for the Classic which is basically the same as the old one (just look at the name).

    I can’t believe Apple has become this gready – It really makes me loose faith in the company that I looked up to for many years.

    Also they are screwing European .Mac users with lousy speeds – see my thread here:

  4. doompod:
    “And also, I heard that the new iPhone (with 3G and GPS) is suspected within the first quater of 2008. THE IPHONE JUST CAME OUT IN JULY!!!! If Apple really cared about there customers, they wouldn’t screw them over!!!!!”

    Uhh… so to avoid screwing over their customers Apple should delay releasing a 3G / GPS iPhone? Where’s the logic in that? Of course, this is assuming that those rumors are true, which personally I doubt.

  5. Well, they ARE NOT NEW GAMES, ie not UPGRADES. What was upgraded or improved? A minor control scheme change? Different version number? HA, Bragging rights! My version number is higher than yours! Gotcha! What is the difference between this and charging all over again for the SAME MUSIC FILE when you buy new hardware? Let’s face it, there is none! Everyone bitches about MS’s sleasy business practices. Apple is now no different.

  6. This is a JOKE. It’s funny I remember Steve Jobs speaking on how people want to own there music, not rent it. Well it seems like I must have rented the games i bought for 6 months. I just bought the all the games I PAID for to OWN not RENT are useless….Apple is doing there best to become the new microsoft. I love apple, but now I am starting to wonder….BAD MOVE

  7. dodo,

    I don’t mean that Apple should delay releasing a 3G iPhone with GPS capabilities, I’m saying that they should’ve waited until they could put all of these features into the phone before they released it to the public. 3G and GPS has been out for a while, so there was no reason why they couldn’t have put in those capabilities. I’m returning my 80GB iPod Classic and will not be buying another thing from Apple until they learn there lesson of why not to screw the consumers.

  8. I think this is going to backfire.

    Apple seem to want to squeeze more money out of us for what should be a fairly trivial code update.

    Instead what will happen is that I (and I suspect many other people) will simply never, ever buy a game from Apple again.

    If they’re going to treat people who purchase games in this way then they can shove it and won’t make any more money out of me. Had they actually done the decent thing and provided updates then I would have continued buying games in the future but there’s no way in hell I’m going to now.

    I say it should be a trivial code update because the screen resolution is the same and the processors and memory are better or at least no worse, and that the games must be written using an API unless Apple are completely stupid.

    I never expected my iPod games to last forever. I knew that if I changed manufacturers I’d say goodbye to the games I’d bought and that was okay as they’re just a cheap novelty. (Unlike my music collection which will never be shackled by DRM or tied to a particular device or company.) However, I most certainly did not buy the games with the expectation that they would only ever work on a single device and, within a year, be incompatible with the new but nearly identical piece of hardware from the very same company. This is completely ridiculous.

    (For the record, I’d probably pay a very small fee for the update. Programmers don’t come for free, after all. Only a very small fee though. I’m not buying the games all over again just because Apple apparently cannot design a stable games API to save their lives.)

  9. You have go to be kidding me!

    All of you are this pissed off about paying for game upgrades? You do know that Apple is not the author of most of the games for the iPod right? And the 3 that they make…..THEY GAVE YOU WITH THE NEW iPOD!

    Here is another way to look at it. Would you rather not have those games ported to the new iPod, or have to repurchase them? As an iPhone user, I can tell you I’d be happy to re-purchase the games for my iPhone if I could just get them.

    Just my $0.02 worth.

  10. I think this re-purchasing of games thing will be my straw that broke the camel’s back. I’m a very recent iPod adopter, after staying away from all things Apple for many years. I thought that I had found Nirvana with the iPod/iTunes match-up. Then came the fiasco with the iPhone (imperfect device for way too much money, lackluster sales followed by immediate price drop, further lackluster sales). Then came the new iPods, and their problems. Now I find out I have to re-buy all the games I bought 3 months ago. I don’t think so. I think I’ll be selling my iPod, and going a different route. Bye, Apple. It’s been real, and it’s been fun, sort of, but it ain’t been real fun.

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