Apple: iTunes 11 delayed until November

Apple: iTunes 11 delayed until November 1

Apple spokesman Tom Neumayr has informed CNET that iTunes 11 will not ship in October as originally announced; it is now expected by the end of November. “The new iTunes is taking longer than expected and we wanted to take a little extra time to get it right,” Neumayr said. “We look forward to releasing this new version of iTunes with its dramatically simpler and cleaner interface, and seamless integration with iCloud before the end of November.”

  1. @2: Honestly, you must be running a dinosaur computer if you’re still pulling out that old trope. I’ve been running iTunes 24/7 with over 30K items in the library for nigh on a decade now and I have never experienced any of these mythical poor performance issues people endlessly kvetch about. The last time iTunes was noticeably slow was a 2000 Win2K machine with only 1.5GB of RAM running that giant library and I can forgive it for that. With the 2005 WinXP machine I had, it ran without so much more than a slight pause when switching things, and it’s running pretty much instantaneously on my current rig (a 2010 HP).

  2. Fixing the whole program might be a good idea as well – imagine a Windows version that doesn’t bring your computer to a standstill!

  3. One, I am glad to see that an 11th hour decision to delay a release has been made. I would much prefer to wait a bit longer and get a more stable product, than to deal with an abundance of bugs and glitches. Not saying that this delay will remove all of those either. But if it weeds out a good number it is a good move.

    Two, I have had issues with iTunes Match since day one. The service has a nasty habit of replacing “Explicit” songs with “Clean” versions when they were not purchased from the iTunes Store. I have many CD’s that I ripped into iTunes that were explicit. In a cruel twist, once I completed the iTunes Match process, the external drive that held my original music library crashed. That left me with only my new matched library with a good number of newly “cleansed” songs.

    Apple admits there is an issue, but have not corrected it. I have signed up for Amazon’s service and it has restored most of my songs with the explicit versions. I then put these back into my iTunes Library and do not attempt to redownload them. It works, but is not what I am paying Apple for. I do hope that iTunes 11 addresses this. It really is as simple as a preference that allows the user to opt for “explicit (or clean) version of matched songs when explict AND clean versions exist”. That should be simple programming in my opinion. Not a problem that takes a year or more to correct…

  4. Since the last update to Apple TV (firmware 5.1) the units updated have been totally unstable and unreliable.
    I’m hoping an ATV update would be released with iTunes 11 to fix this.
    Looks as if I will have to wait a fair bit longer.
    In the meantime, lots of ATV reboots to reactive homeshare 🙁

  5. @4, You don’t know what you’re talking about. I am running a Windows Vista machine with 4GB of RAM and I have an Itunes library with 35,000 songs. The program is almost unuseable. It hangs, sometimes for a minute, when doing any kind of tagging. It piles up temp file after temp file without getting rid of them afterwards. Thank God I can use MediaMonkey to do the tagging and just re-import the corrected tracks into Itunes. Otherwise, I would go insane.

  6. First Maps and now this. This is turning into a complete nightmare for Apple. They had two months to bring it out. It should have been enough. And if Steve were alive, it would have been or some people would be fired and/or chewed-out. I LOVE it! Tim Cook is single-handedly trashing the company.

  7. @Jensen Masters: You have a short memeorsy if you think Steve didn’t preside over some big mistakes-why do people keep thinking Apple was perfect under Steve Jobs?

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