Apple job posting points to new iPod Hi-Fi development

According to a recent job posting, Apple appears to be continuing development of its iPod Hi-Fi, possibly planning new models of the speaker system. “iPod Engineering is looking for an Acoustic Engineer who will be responsible for the design and development of many aspects of consumer loudspeaker systems such as Apple’s Hi Fi – including enclosure design, passive and active filter design, transducer design, and design validation,” the job posting reads. The NPD Group reported in September that the iPod Hi-Fi ranks fourth in iPod speaker system market share, behind products from Bose, Logitech and i-Fusion. The Hi-Fi is second only to Bose in revenue share, however.

  1. I own an iPod HiFi and have to say tat I love it. It sounds simply amazing for its simplicity and the space it occupies. I would love to see Apple pursue improving this product. I had fears that, like the Airport Express, it would be another fantastic Apple product that was **slightly** overpriced, never quite popular, and seemingly forgotten.

  2. Apple is probably looking for an Acoustic Engineer because the current iPod Hif-Fi SUCKS! I bought one and returned it a week later. I was duped by all the “Apple Friendly” media reviews, I wish I had read this one sooner – “Altec Lansing M602 vs Apple iPod Hi-Fi and Bose”

    Beware of the iPod Hi-Fi, unless you live in the “inner city”.

  3. I’d like it to be smaller and hang on a wall, with more emphasis on practicality and sound than he power of that sound. Airport express is obvious, as is some kind of wireless link up with the new iTV.

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