Apple launches CareKit, with four apps debuting today

Apple has officially launched its new CareKit platform today, with four new apps available out of the gate, and more expected to come. Announced last month, CareKit is an extension of Apple’s HealthKit and ResearchKit initiatives, designed to better facilitate doctor-patient communication by allowing users to automatically share health information with care providers and loved ones. The new apps already available with CareKit support include Glow Nurture, Glow Baby, Start, and One Drop.

Glow Nurture and Glow baby, pregnancy and baby wellness trackers, respectively, now provide the ability to automatically send PDF reports to a doctor via CareKit. Start is a depression management app that will allow users to track their medication adherence, store contact information for a user’s care team and personal network, and share reports easily with any contact via email, text message, or fax. One
Drop is a diabetes management app that lets users set goals for blood glucose, carbs per meal, and daily activity, track daily progress, and easily share data with family, friends, and healthcare providers via CareKit. Other apps listed on Apple’s CareKit page as being under development include a postsurgical care app being developed by Texas Medical Center and a chronic conditions care app being developed by Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Cente.