Apple loses key executives in India

Apple has recently lost three key executives in India, slowing down efforts to grow its business in the country, Bloomberg reports. Specifically, the head of national sales and distribution, the head of commercial channels and mid-market business, and the head of telecom carrier sales have all left Apple in recent weeks, reflecting Apple’s continuing struggle to expand its iPhone business in India. Sources familiar with the matter say that Apple’s Indian sales team is now being restructured to try to refocus its strategy. Apple has struggled with Indian regulators and high import tariffs since it began selling a locally produced iPhone SE last year, and while the Indian government has more recently relaxed its rules, Apple’s market share remains in the single digits, despite the fast-growing Indian smartphone market. Apple CEO Tim Cook has repeatedly made very positive comments about the inroads Apple is making into India, however the numbers themselves seem to be growing at a much slower pace than many had expected, which according to sources is a result of struggling to build business relationships in the country and gain a better understanding of the Indian consumer market.

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