Apple-made cases nowhere to be found as iPhone XR lands in stores

As Apple’s iPhone XR goes on sale in Apple Stores around the world today, one thing appears to be conspicuously missing from the equation: Apple’s own branded cases for the new iPhone. As 9to5Mac summarizes, reports from several countries have shown that while the iPhone XR is readily available in stores, Apple appears to have none of its own case options available for the new model. While a report earlier this month suggested that Apple was planning to release a clear case for the iPhone XR — at least in some countries — there has been no further indication of this case actually materializing, nor has Apple updated its traditional leather and silicone cases for the lower-cost model. That said, numerous third-party cases for the iPhone XR can be found in Apple Stores and at other retailers where the iPhone is sold, but it’s an unusual move for Apple, which has provided its own first-party iPhone cases since the released of the iPhone 5, to not have any of its own options available on launch day.

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