Apple makes its picks for best iPhone, iPad and Apple TV apps of 2016

Apple has revealed its “Best of 2016” picks for the apps, movies, TV shows and books sold in its App Stores and iTunes. The company chose the photo editing app Prisma as its iPhone App of the Year (as did we), calling the app’s ability to turn photos into works of art “almost too cool for words.” MSQRD, with its live photo and video filters, took the runner-up spot. Clash Royale was named iPhone Game of the Year, followed by runner-up Reigns, with Pokémon GO getting a special distinction as the Breakout Hit of 2016.
On the iPad side of things, Sketchbook Motion’s simple animation interface and Apple Pencil compatibility earned it the App of the Year title, followed by runner-up Bear, a writing app that simplifies linking and formatting. Severed took top honors as the iPad Game of the Year, followed by runner-up Chameleon Run. Twitter took the App of the Year honors on Apple TV, and fitness app MySwimPro took App of the Year honors on the newly waterproof Apple Watch. Riptide GP was named Apple TV Game of the Year and Field Day was Apple Watch Game of the Year. Apple has full lists of its top games and apps of the year in iTunes and the App Store.

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