Apple Music adds new ‘Coming Soon’ section with pre-release albums

Apple appears to be rolling out a new “Coming Soon” section for Apple Music on iOS and in iTunes on macOS. Discovered by MacRumors, the section features pre-release albums that can be “pre-added” by Apple Music users to be added to their library automatically once the album becomes available for streaming on Apple Music. The concept is similar to pre-orders that have been available on the iTunes Store for years, except of course that users don’t have to pay to “pre-add” an album, since it will form part of their Apple Music subscription plan. The new Coming Soon section can be found in the Browse tab at the bottom of the “New Music” section. Tapping on an individual album will also display its expected release date. While the list of coming soon albums is fairly sparse right now, Apple does appear to be in the process of adding more content.

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