Apple Music rolling out global “Top 100” charts

Apple is preparing to roll out a new set of “top 100” charts within Apple Music via a software update, Rolling Stone reports. The new feature will expand the top charts available in the Browse section of iTunes and the iOS Music app by offering a top 100 chart for every country in which Apple Music is available, along with a global chart, all grouped together under the Browse tab with a visual appearance similar to a playlist or album. Charts will reflect the top songs streamed daily and be updated as 12 a.m. PST each day. Apple executives demonstrated the feature to Rolling Stone, but did not comment on the timing of the release or the company’s specific reasons for adding the feature; Rolling Stone notes, however, that music charts have become a hot topic within the music business over the past year, with Billboard changing its algorithms to increase the weight of paid streams over free streams in May, and YouTube Music following up with its own set of platform-specific charts, claiming that its own charts offered “the clearest view in what’s happening in music today” due to YouTube’s huge influence as a music destination. Rolling Stone reports that all Apple Music subscribers should be seeing the new charts feature today.