Apple Music Service for Mac iPods

In an article titled, “Labels Think Apple Has Perfect Pitch” by Jon Healey of The Los Angeles Times, Apple will be offering a Mac only, paid subscription service to download music on the internet. Apple has been proposing the idea to many record company executives, and many “came away enthusiastic.” According to the article the new service “could be launched next month.”

“‘This is exactly what the music industry has been waiting for,’ said one person familiar with the negotiations between the Cupertino, Calif., computer maker and the labels. ‘It’s hip. It’s quick. It’s easy. If people on the Internet are actually interested in buying music, not just stealing it, this is the answer.’”

Also note in the article that a new version of iTunes will be released to support the new music service.

“Sources said Apple will make the songs available for sale through a new version of iTunes, its software for managing music files on Macs. Users will be able to buy and download songs with a single click and transfer them automatically to any iPod they’ve registered with Apple.”

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