Apple offers iPhone 5s, 5c case design guidelines

Apple offers iPhone 5s, 5c case design guidelines 1

Apple has updated its case design guidelines, releasing detailed schematics for the iPhone 5s and 5c. Notably, Apple’s guidelines for both devices include “keep away” spaces so that cases don’t interfere with ports or other iPhone features. However, based on the current schematics, no speakers and very few docks will be able to properly fit the Lightning connector—an issue discussed in a recent Lightning case/dock editorial.


As the size of the case “keep away” area for the Lightning port is significantly smaller than the Lightning connector supports Apple mandates for speakers, cases following Apple’s guidelines will not fit atop speakers. Though some companies may recognize this and adjust their case designs accordingly, it’s likely that there will continue to be compatibility issues with Lightning accessories.

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  1. How do we know whether a particular case complies with these specifications? Is the ‘made for iphone’ label still used, or is it just a matter of making sure that you buy a case from a reputable manufacturer?

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