Apple offers iPod shuffle custom engraving

Apple offers iPod shuffle custom engraving 1

The online Apple Store has begun offering free personalized engraving on the iPod shuffle. Unlike the full-size iPod and iPod nano, the laser-engraved text is printed on the side of the shuffle and has a one line, 40 character limit. “Engraving is simple,” explains Apple. “First, choose the iPod, iPod nano or iPod shuffle you want. When you put iPod into your Apple Store shopping cart, you’ll be asked whether you want a personalized engraving. Just enter your text and see what it looks like. Since it’s free, why not do it?”

  1. This is interesting to me because I’m from Singapore and our online Apple store has been offering free engraving for since forever. I got it for my 4g iPod last year, and I got it again more than a year later for my nano.

  2. well a reason not to do it is you lose alot of your warranty with engraved ipods. i ordered a photo engraved, and the warranty is changed so if you open the box you cant return it.

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