Apple officially releases iPhone and iPod touch software 1.1.2

Apple has officially released version 1.1.2 of its software for the iPhone and iPod touch as an update through iTunes. According to notes provided with the release, the software “includes additional new features, bug fixes, and supersedes all previous versions.” Notably, the update adds support for international languages and networks to the iPhone, and the ability to add and edit calendar events to the iPod touch.

The update was previously available as a direct download from Apple, in the form of a restore file, and came pre-installed on iPhones sold in the UK and Germany over the weekend. Despite this being its official release, hackers have already released a jailbreak for the 1.1.2 software, and others have noticed that it restores limited custom ringtone functionality when used with iTunes 7.5, although it is currently unknown whether this is intentional, or merely an error on Apple’s part.

iPhone and iPod touch software version 1.1.2 is available now via the Update feature in iTunes.