Apple patent application points to iTunes Concert Ticket system


Apple patent application points to iTunes Concert Ticket system

Patently Apple reports on a new patent application from Apple for a “Concert Ticket+” system. Patent application 20100082491 details a system that would provide an iTunes-based service for purchasing, storing and using concert tickets electronically. Users would be able to purchase event tickets via iTunes, store them on an electronic device such as an iPhone and use them in place of a paper ticket to gain entry to an event or venue. The patent outlines a ticketing system to be used not just for traditional music concerts but also sporting events, amusement parks and even a wedding invitation system. The patent outlines detailed information on how such tickets would be purchased, transferred, stored and validated at points of entry. Information is also outlined on how iPhone Concert Tickets could include detailed map and seating plan information and also be used to obtain additional benefits such as live recordings, exclusive interviews,  and discounted or prepaid merchandise and refreshments at an event. The full patent application is at the available online on the United States Patent and Trademark Office web site.

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