Apple patent application reveals flexible battery pack

A recently published Apple patent application details flexible battery packs for use in electronic devices. Apple’s application focuses on battery packs that may consist of multiple cells, which could be connected by laminate layers. The arrangement allows “the battery to be shaped to fit a form factor of the electronic device.” Cells could also be removed in certain situations, which could allow for more manufacturing possibilties.


The application notes the flexible battery packs could “be employed in wristwatches, calculators, laptop computers, tablet computers, and/or music players.” It’s possible Apple could use such technology in its rumored smart watch. The company has already been linked to flexible and wraparound displays, in both a job listing and previous patent applications published in March and February. [via Patently Apple]

2 thoughts on “Apple patent application reveals flexible battery pack”

  1. If this gets approved, just more evidence how broken our patent system is.

    Hardly anything revolutionary here or defensible as an invention here.

  2. Agree with poster nos 1.
    Ludicrous that you could get a patent for this. There’s nothing new or exceptional in it at all. Would a patent mean no-one else could manufacture a similar design? You might as well patent a plug.


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