Apple patent filing reveals hybrid notebook/tablet

Apple patent filing reveals hybrid notebook/tablet 1

A newly published patent filing reveals possible Apple plans for a hybrid notebook/tablet computer, according to a report. The invention could involve a keyboard-laden base and removable display — two components that could communicate wirelessly. Also noted as a possibility is the ability to transfer power wirelessly, perhaps through coils or capacitive plates.


In some embodiments of the patent filing, the removable display would incorporate touchscreen technology. Novel in the invention is a set of retracting magnetic connectors that would enable the screen to physically attach to the keyboard when necessary, while disappearing to make the screen a standalone tablet when not in use. It’s unclear whether the fruits of this concept would be a Mac, iPad, or something inbetween, but the images are disclaimed as merely illustrative of a design possibility. [via Patently Apple]

  1. There is already a HP tablet/ laptop hybrid being advertised with the exact same functionality. I think it is called Envy. The bottom part of the laptop for the HP is identical to the MacBook Air.

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