Apple Pay coming to Canada by late October?

Apple Pay may be arriving in Canada as early as late October, according to a new report from iPhone in Canada. Earlier this year, The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple was in negotiations with the six major Canadian banks regarding a potential November launch for the mobile payments service, and now this latest report cites trusted sources within the industry that indicate that the banks and Apple appear to be on track. A number of payment processor companies have already begun advertising Apple Pay compatibility for their point of sale terminals, with contactless payments under $100 accepted in much the same way that physical Interac Flash, VISA PayWave, and MasterCard PayPass cards work now. Transactions over this limit are also “currently being worked on,” likely similar to the limits on Apple Pay in the U.K. At least one payment processor is also scheduled to meet with Apple in early October to discuss the rollout of Apple Pay. Plans are apparently to soft launch Apple Pay at Apple’s own retail stores and select restaurant chains, potentially at the end of October, with a wider rollout expected in November.


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