Apple posts iPhone, iPod touch 1.1.2 software

Coinciding with today’s release of the iPhone in the United Kingdom and Germany, Apple today released version 1.1.2 of its software for both the iPhone and iPod touch. Most notably, the software adds international language and network support to the iPhone, and the ability to both add and edit calendar events to the iPod touch.

Other changes have also been made, including the iPhone’s categorization of built-in and custom ringtones.

Prior to its availability in iTunes, the iPhone software can be downloaded here, and the iPod touch version here, both in ZIP archives.

Using the ZIP file rather than decompressing it, you can install the software by selecting your iPhone or iPod touch from the Devices menu in iTunes, holding down the Option key when hitting the Restore Software button in iTunes, and selecting the IPSW.ZIP file. [via TUAW]