Apple posts new FaceTime iPhone 4 TV ad

Apple posts new FaceTime iPhone 4 TV ad 1

Apple posts new FaceTime iPhone 4 TV ad 2

Apple has posted its new television ad for the iPhone 4 online. Based heavily on a video shown during the company’s keynote address at WWDC, the minute-long spot focuses solely on the iPhone 4’s FaceTime video calling feature, and shows a number of different people using FaceTime in different ways to communicate. As it was during the keynote, the video is accompanied by the song “When You’re Smiling” by Louis Armstrong. Apple’s new iPhone 4 television ad can be viewed on the company’s website. [via Daring Fireball]

  1. I don’t think the lady in the pic is holding that in a Steve Jobs/Apple approve manor so she may drop that call!

  2. #6, Actually, this ad is new – it’s an edited version of the FaceTime video that you’re referencing. If I remember correctly, the original, longer video contained a scene of two women chatting while one was trying on different outfits, which has been removed from the TV ad.

  3. seriously guys
    1) the antenna issue is real
    2) “death grip” seems to perform differently in different locations
    3) overall i have far better reception and call clarity on the iPhone 4 compared to ANY phone I’ve owned
    4) Facetime uses WiFi… which happens to use the antenna on the top… no dropped call for this woman.

    think before you speak people 🙂

  4. This commercial was up on Apple’s website right after the iPhone 4 was announced, so it’s nothing new… Just saying.

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