Apple posts new TV ads for iPod nano 5G, touch 3G


Apple has posted its new TV advertisements for the fifth-generation iPod nano and third-generation iPod touch on its website. The iPod nano 5G commercial highlights its new video camera, showing a specific-colored nano being used to record video of a dancer wearing same-colored clothes; this formula repeats throughout the commercial until the entire line is seen with their respective videos playing on each screen. The ad features the song “Bourgeois Shangri-La” by Miss Li, and is available for viewing now on Apple’s iPod nano landing page. The new iPod touch commercial uses a similar formula as last year’s, showing a succession of sets of hands—sometimes more than one at a time—playing various games on the device, while the song “She’s Got Me Dancing” by Tommy Sparks plays in the background. It too is available for viewing on Apple’s website, on the iPod touch landing page. [via MDN]

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