Apple posts new ‘What is iPad’ advertisement

Apple posts new ‘What is iPad’ advertisement 1

Apple posts new ‘What is iPad’ advertisement 2

Apple has posted its latest iPad television ad online. Beginning with the question “What is iPad?,” the 30-second spot goes on to call the device “thin” and “beautiful,” saying it “goes anywhere and lasts all day.” While showing the device’s automatic screen reorientation, the ad says “there’s no right way or wrong way,” before exclaiming that the iPad is “crazy powerful” and “magical.” The ad claims that “you already know how to use it,” describing it as “200,000 apps and counting,” “all the world’s websites in your hands,” “video,” “photos,” and “more books than you could read in a lifetime.” The claim that “it’s already a revolution, and it’s only just begun” closes the advertisement, which features a male narrator and “Gold Lion” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs in the background. As noted by Mac Rumors, the ad also pays homage to a prior Apple advertisement for the Newton PDA. The “What is iPad” ad is available for viewing now on Apple’s website.

  1. Good, because I have yet to figure out what the iPad is, why I need it, and what all the hype is about.

  2. I was very skeptical of the iPad when they announced it. I, like so many others, felt that it was simply an over sized iPod Touch. Last week I found myself in an Apple store to buy an iPhone case for a friend. I passed the throngs of people around the two large iPad tables. On my way out, I saw an opening in front of one of them. I stepped up and started playing around. I almost immediately realized what makes this useful. I can honestly say that an iPad could replace my laptop for the majority of what I do at home. My leisure computing time (not actual work time mind you) consists mostly of web surfing, Facebook, reading emails and listening to my iTunes library. I occasionally watch YouTube videos or Hulu. These are all things that iPad excels at. I realize the Hulu thing is “pending” as we wait for the Hulu app. But otherwise, this device was close to what it has been billed to be.

    I think this commercial did a great job of showing the strong points and why you would want one. Calling it “magical” may have been a bit of a reach, but it certainly is better than I had expected. I may reconsider a purchase if I have some loose change around.

  3. Oh, yeah, that’s it — hold onto that iPad rather than hold onto the driver. What’s more important, your life or your iPad? (Well, we know how Steve Jobs would answer that!)

  4. @#3,

    My first thought too. I’ve ridden motorcycles for over 30 years, and that is a plain stupid thing to show. Yeah, “it’s only a scooter” but please, the fall is the same, as is the concrete you hit at the end.
    Don’t get me wrong, it’s cute, visually appealing, and not unlike Honda ads of the 70’s. But at this point, you have to take safety seriously – especially with the crowd they’re targeting there. At that age, you simply believe you’re invincible.

  5. @4:
    I have ridden on the back of a scooter at low speeds through my neighborhood down the street with stuff in my hand to drop something off at a friends house. When your going one street over most people just do. You don’t know if the person in the commercial is driving 10mph or 45. You don’t know if it’s a 1 block travel or across the city. And it doesn’t matter anyways. You all read too much into things.

  6. @#5: Spoken like one of many kids getting skin grafts or worse.
    You fall at 10MPH on hot asphalt with no gear on. Go ahead – do it and come back. I went down on Mulholland Drive in SoCal ~10 years ago going 20MPH in a very sharp corner. Full gear. Broken forearm, slight concussion, and most of the gear looked pretty awful. So please, “reading to much into it” is just not the case. It’s called experience. Something sadly many need to learn the hard way…

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