Apple premieres two new iPhone ads

Apple has released two new TV commercials for the iPhone focusing on the device’s internet capabilities. The first, “Facebook,” talks about how you can check on your Facebook account from the iPhone, while demonstrating the social networking site’s iPhone and iPod touch interface. The second new advertisement, “Cars,” shows how the iPhone’s internet access can come in useful when dealing with a car salesman. Both are filmed in the style of Apple’s original series of iPhone ads, with the device being used against a black background, while an unseen narrator speaks above the song “Perfect Timing” by Orba Squara. Both ads are available for viewing on

  1. My only complaint with these commercials is that they show Safari going unrealistically superfast. I have an iPhone and I love it, but Safari is not that fast for standard websites, even when on wifi, and definitely not that fast on EDGE (then its downright slow sometimes actually). And really when are you going to be able to use wifi at a car dealership?

  2. While I agree that the speed of Safari in those commercials is unachievable in reality, it’s a time-compressed necessity for a 30-second commercial.

    iPhone commercials are great because they showcase the interface rather than just the hardware. I can’t envision a way to showcase Safari in a 30-second commercial without editing past the loading screens — can you?

    One last thing — I *have* found open wireless networks at car dealerships. They may not have been intended for customers, but I used them without problems while waiting for repairs.

  3. My guess is that the facbook one used a soon-to-be-released native facebook application for iPhone. And this will probably be a free app just like google maps.

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