Apple provides more details on new Apple Music API

Apple has provided more detailed information for developers on how to take advantage of the new Apple Music API introduced in iOS 9.3. In a document titled Apple Music Best Practices for App Developers, Apple summarizes how third-party iOS apps can integrate with Apple Music, including some of its functionality in their apps. Specifically, the Apple Music API will allow develoePrs to directly control Apple Music playback as well as determining if a user is currently a member, determine which country the user’s account is based in, queueing up songs for playback, and reading playlists already in a user’s music library and creating new playlists with a title and description. Developers can also participate in the Apple Music Affiliate Program, earning a one-time commission if a user signs up for a paid Apple Music account using their app. A new section has also been added to Apple’s App Store Review Guidelines specifying the limitations that developers should work in when using the API, such as such as requiring explicit user action for playback, exposing and respecting standard media controls, and not monetizing access to the Apple Music API through in-app purchases, advertising, or requesting user information.

Several apps have already been updated to take advantage of the new Apple Music API, most notably Shazam, which allows users to add discovered tracks to an Apple Music playlist directly from within the Shazam app. At this point, however, Apple has not yet taken any steps to note on highlight those apps on the App Store which provide Apple Music integration.



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