Apple providing free repairs for ‘No Service’ problem on some iPhone 7 models sold in US

Apple is offering free repairs to certain iPhone 7 models that are showing “No Service” in the status bar even when cellular coverage is available. The company has admitted a component on the logic board on some of the devices manufactured between September 2016 and February 2018 is prone to failure, and users have taken to Twitter to complain that their cellular service and Bluetooth capabilities suddenly stopped working. Models A1660, A1779, and A1780 qualify for the free repair and can be taken to Apple Authorized Service Providers or Apple retail stores to be sent back to the company for repair.
Wireless providers aren’t participating in the repair program, so bringing the phone back to your carrier won’t help, but Apple Technical Support can provide options for affected users. Apple is also aiming to contact users who have already paid for a repair to address the issue to provide reimbursement, and advises users who think they’re owed a refund to contact Apple is they haven’t received an e-mail from the company by the end of March.

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