Apple publishes official Watch battery life estimates; Power Reserve mode to last 72 hours

Apple has published official specs on the expected battery life for the Apple Watch, noting that the wearable device is expected to provide “all-day battery life” of 18 hours based on a usage profile of 90 time checks, 90 notifications, 45 minutes of app use, and a 30-minute workout with Bluetooth music playback, although the article is careful to note that “actual results will vary” as “battery life varies by use, configuration, and many other factors.” Additional testing results estimate 3 hours of talk time, 6.5 hours of audio playback, 7 hours of workout time, and 48 hours of basic use involving four time checks per hour.

The document also describes the Apple Watch Power Reserve mode, which will provide up to 72 hours of time-check-only use — again based on 4 four-second time checks per hour. Charging time is also estimated at 1.5 hours to reach 80 percent of a full charge, and 2.5 hours to reach a full charge. Notably, Apple notes the performance claims are based on tests done using the smaller 38mm Apple Watch, stating that “a 42mm Apple Watch typically experiences longer battery life.”


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