Apple pulls Bumpers from retail, online Stores

Apple pulls Bumpers from retail, online Stores 1

Apple pulls Bumpers from retail, online Stores 2

Apple has pulled its remaining stock of iPhone 4 Bumper cases from its retail and online Stores ahead of its free giveaway. A check with an Ohio-based retail store, as well as with Apple’s online store, shows no availability of the Apple-branded cases, and a retail store representative confirmed with iLounge that the cases had been pulled due to the giveaway. Apple announced on Friday that it would be offering a free Bumper or other, yet-to-be-determined case to all current iPhone 4 users and those who purchase the handset by September 30 due to complaints over the iPhone 4’s antenna issues.

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  1. Makes sense. Why would they let people buy them now? Just to be refunded in a week. This is a smart move that will help make it easier next week.

    But I’m sure there are people who want one NOW. Anyways, I’m curious to which 3rd party cases will be available for free.

    The iPhone has got to be the best thing to ever happen to case manufacturers.

    I’m waiting for a bold manufacturer to come out with a case that claims to enhance the external antennae performance. Not that I would buy that case but someone will do it.

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