Apple readying move to smaller ‘micro’ dock connector?

Apple is preparing to move its portable devices away from the traditional Dock Connector to a new “micro dock” that would make more room inside its devices for components, according to a new report. Rene Ritchie of iMore claims that Apple could potentially make the change as soon as the release of the iPad 3 or iPhone 5, but hasn’t yet heard a firm timeline.

Reasons for the switch are said to be the need to open up more space on the interior of the devices for ever larger batteries, camera modules, and other components. The report also notes that with the advent of PC free setup, iCloud, AirPlay and Bluetooth 4.0, the traditional 30-pin connector plays a far less prominent role than it once did.

No word was given on if Apple would offer an adapter if it were to make such a move, although it would seem likely, given the huge number of Dock Connector-dependent accessories on the market.