Apple has redesigned the layout of application pages within the iTunes App Store. Following the release of iTunes 9 in September, the rest of the iTunes Store saw significant page changes, while App Store pages retained their prior looks. Over the weekend, the App Store pages were updated for consistency with the rest of the iTunes Store layout. Application pages now display a larger version of the app icon, with the purchasing button, specifications, ratings and top in-app purchases displayed in a column on the left-hand side. The application description is now summarized at the top of the screen with a “More” link to provide more detailed information, a “What’s New” section broken out separately, and screenshots presented in a scrolling panel. Apps can now be added to wish lists or shared with friends via Facebook and Twitter in the same manner as other iTunes Store content. Also noteworthy is that custom-designed App Store pages that were previously used for specific Apple-selected titles have disappeared with this update. (Thanks, @jfmartin67)


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