A number of new international design registrations indicate that Apple is moving to protect the icons and interface of the Nike+ application found on the second-generation iPod touch. Images supplied by Apple for European Community design protection show the application in different states, including the Workouts menu both with and without a calibration option, the sensor detection screen, and the app’s Now Playing screen in various states, both portrait and landscape. Alongside these screenshot design registrations are listings for each of the icons on the app’s Workouts screen, including a circle icon for basic workouts, a stop watch for timed workouts, a road icon for distance-focused workouts, a fire icon for workouts with a calorie burning goal, and a target icon for the calibration option. Notably, each of the screenshot designs feature the iPod mark in the upper left-hand corner, offering no further evidence that Apple plans to add Nike+ support to the iPhone. All of the design screenshots can be found by searching this database.

Charles Starrett

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