Apple rejects newspaper-reading app over content

Apple has rejected Makayama’s iPhone application Newspaper(s) due to objectionable content. Newspaper is an app for the iPhone and iPod touch that will let users to read 50 national and international newspapers, including the New York Times, Frankfurter Algemeine and El Pais. The application was rejected due to content found in the Page 3 section of UK-based tabloid The Sun, which contains images of topless women. In the rejection message, Apple noted that Parental Controls have been announced for iPhone Os 3.0, adding that it “would be appropriate to resubmit your application for review once this feature is available.” Makayama has since removed The Sun from the application’s database of papers and resubmitted the application; Newspaper(s) is now available for $1.

  1. this is getting idiotic, just like the NIN app rejection because it had an NIN’s song in it with a bad word… when they offer the entire NIN catalog in iTunes for anyone to buy…

  2. There’s plenty of other retarded applications out there that Apple allows, who the heck went through all 50 newspapers and found that 1 article, when it changes daily.

  3. Actually, while the print content of page 3 changes daily, there is always a topless woman. Page 3 is an icon of British, ah-hrm, ‘culture’…

  4. i just found pictures of naked ladies on mobile safari! somebody needs to tell apple quick, so this won’t happen again! won’t somebody please think of the children?

  5. However, what is not mentioned is that iPhone OS 2 has built in parental controls for music/movies and the ability to disallow access to mobile safari. They aren’t rejecting applications on a whim, they’re just trying to cover their ass so that parents can’t get upset when their child finds that they can use an app to get around the parent’s safeguards. I can’t blame them, nor can I see how you can.

  6. Why would you pay for a list of bookmarks. The app only leads you to the web site of each newspaper. It’s nit even worth being a free app, let alone anyone paying for it.

  7. hmm… I wonder if this is a violation of the freedom of press… could someone in the UK please sue Apple in the UK

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