Apple releases Apple TV Software Update 3.0.2 (Updated)


Apple has released Apple TV Software 3.0.1, the latest software update for its set-top box. While the software is available through the “Update Software” feature in the Apple TV’s General Settings menu, Apple’s official Apple TV software update support document has yet to be updated with any information on what, if any, new features or improvements might be included in software 3.0.2. Apple last updated the Apple TV’s software last Novemeber with version 3.0.1, which Apple urged users to install immediately due its containing a fix for a bug that caused content to temporarily disappear until it was resynced.

Updated: iLounge’s editors have tested the latest update and changes appear to be confined mostly to bug fixes and stability improvements. The 3.0.2 update most notably appears to fix some serious HDMI-related issues that appeared in 3.0.1, in which synchronization would occasionally be lost, requiring a reboot of the Apple TV unit. Although some users have speculated that this update may include new features related to Aperture 3.0, we have seen no evidence of this, as the Apple TV continues to work with Aperture 3.0 in much the same way as previous versions of Aperture; no support for Faces or Places, for instance, is offered by the Apple TV after it is updated. However, full compatibility with Aperture 3.0 would likely also require a future iTunes update to implement.

Update x2: Apple has updated its Apple TV software update support document to include details of this latest release. According to the document, Apple TV Software 3.0.2 “includes fixes for Genius playlists, MobileMe gallery photos, iTunes U content, Internet Radio, and other media-related features. The update also includes performance and connectivity fixes for Apple TV.”

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