Apple releases Apple TV Software Update 4.2 (Updated)

Apple releases Apple TV Software Update 4.2 (Updated) 1

Apple releases Apple TV Software Update 4.2 (Updated) 2

Apple has released Apple TV Software Update 4.2 for the second-generation Apple TV. According to the new “What’s New” screen, the update includes support for and NBA League Pass streaming, AirPlay video streaming for apps and Safari, new slideshow themes, and Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound in Netflix movies and TV shows, as well as an improved on-screen keyboard. Apple TV Software Update 4.2 is available now via the device’s software update feature or as a direct download from Apple.

Update: Despite indications in the beta software that Apple would finally synchronize the Apple TV’s Software and iOS Build numbers on 4.3, the official release has the new Software listed as Version 4.2, with an iOS Build of 4.3. We have updated this and the accompanying League Pass articles to reflect the correct, official version numbering.

  1. I’m not home now to test this myself so I’ll just ask…can we now use Airplay to send videos shot with an iPhone4 onto a TV via AppleTV or is that still blocked?

  2. That is great news, that was one of the glaring omissions of the initial implementation of Airplay/AppleTV at its release. It will be nice to be able to show off videos of the kids on a big screen now.

  3. I tested it out last night and the function is added to the AppleTV. It works fine, at times you wait 20-30 sec for a video to load but otherwise it’s great.

    If we can stream web content to the AppleTV now, would be also a great solution… what you think?

  4. Great! has been added to UK ATV. That’s a bit like adding Indian Premier League Cricket to the US version…pointless. Still no TV progs, no Netflix or equivalent and 50% more expensive for the unit. I feel unloved!

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