Apple releases first iOS 11.3, tvOS 11.3 developer beta

Apple has released the first betas of iOS 11.3 and tvOS 11.3 to registered developers, with the improvements previewed earlier today, specifically new Animoji and the promised improvements to battery health monitoring resulting from the recent iPhone slowdown controversy. iOS 11.3 also brings back the Messages in iCloud feature that was promised for the initial iOS 11 release, with the release notes indicating that it’s currently “for testing and evaluation purposes” and adds that the feature will be automatically enabled — in the beta at least — for users who already have two-factor authentication and iCloud Backup enabled.

Apple releases first iOS 11.3, tvOS 11.3 developer beta

In addition, the new iOS version also adds a new security protocol that will require users to re-enter their device passcode to authorize a Lighting-connected USB accessory if it has not been connected to the device for more than a week.

For enterprise users, it appears that iOS 11.3 will also be adding a number of new mobile device management (MDM) capabilities, including delaying the ability to install iOS updates, finding information for installed apps, skipping certain setup screens, restricting the Apple TV that the Remote app can connect to, and more.

Changes in tvOS 11.3 appear to be limited to mostly under-the-hood improvements, with the release notes indicating “enhancements to Match Content support, automatic frame rate switching on Apple TV 4th Generation, and automatic mode switching for AirPlay video sessions.” There has also not (yet) been a beta released for a new version of watchOS.