Apple releases iOS 12 for HomePod

With the release of iOS 12 today for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, Apple has also pushed out the corresponding iOS update for its HomePod speaker. Now simply listed as “iOS 12.0” rather than “HomePod Software Update,” a download of the new software can be initiated over-the-air via Apple’s Home app from an iPhone or iPad running iOS 12. While the HomePod iOS wasn’t made available to developers or public beta testers, Apple did provide a summary of the features at last week’s event, including the ability to search for songs by lyrics, create multiple named timers, make and receive phone calls directly on the HomePod — including the ability to ask Siri who is calling, trigger Find My iPhone to send an audible ping to iOS or macOS devices to help locate them around the house. The release notes also indicate that Calendar support, originally unveiled in HomePod 11.4 last spring, now includes support for all languages. The HomePod update can be found by opening the Home app on an iPhone or iPad running iOS 12, selecting the house icon in the top-right corner to access global settings, and choosing Software Update under the Speakers section.

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