Apple releases new first-party iPhone cases, Apple Watch bands

On the heels of yesterday’s iPhone and Apple Watch launch event, Apple has also updated its accessory lineup, featuring new silicone and leather cases for the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, along with a new set of Apple Watch bands. The new silicon iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max cases are available in Nectarine, Lavender Gray, Blue Horizon, Stone, Pink Sand, Midnight Blue, White, Black, and (Product)Red, while the XS Max Leather Folio case comes in Peony Pink, Cape Cod Blue, Forest Green, Black, and Product(Red), and the standard leather case for both models is available in the same folio colors, plus Taupe, Midnight Blue, and Saddle Brown. Cases for the iPhone XR are not yet

Meanwhile, the Apple Watch bands have simply received the usual fall color refresh, with the sport bands adding the same new Nectarine, Blue Horizon, and Lavender Gray options as the silicone iPhone cases, and the Sport Loop adding Cape Code Blue, Nectarine, Hibiscus, Storm Gray, and Indigo. The leather Modern Buckle now comes in Peony Pink, Forest Green, Cape Cod, and Ruby (PRODUCT)Red, although only for the smaller 38mm/40mm Apple Watch models. The Leather Loop for the 44mm/42mm Apple Watch models is also now available in Forest Green and Cape Cod, complementing the new iPhone leather cases. Four new Hermès bands have also been added, with new Double Tour and Single Tour options in Indigo/Craie/Orange Swift Leather and Bordeaux/Rose Extrême/Rose Azalée Swift Leather. A Gold Milanese Loop has also been added for the new corresponding gold Apple Watch Series 4. While all of the new Apple Watch bands now say “Designed for Apple Watch Series 4” and are labelled for the “40mm” and “44mm” models, Apple notes that they remain fully compatible with the corresponding 38mm and 42mm Apple Watch Series 3 and older models. [via MacRumors(]