Apple releases Schoolwork for iPad

Apple has announced the release of its free Schoolwork app for iPad, a new tool that teachers can use in conjunction with its Classroom app to create assignments, collaborate with students, track student progress, and more. Teachers can use Schoolwork to create and send out assignments with a wide variety of different content and even tie activities into supported educational apps, while students can use the Schoolwork app to stay organized and track assignments and due dates. Schoolwork integrates with popular education apps such as Explain Everything, Tynker, GeoGebra and Kahoot! to allow teachers to assign activities to students within those apps, taking them right to a specific challenge, lesson, or related resources, and teachers can also leverage these apps to get insights into how each student is performing and track their progress both individually or as a group. More information on Schoolwork and Classroom can be found on Apple’s Educational Tools page

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