Apple has responded to allegations that it has been treating app developers unfairly in France, following yesterday’s report that the French government was planning legal action against both Apple and Google over “abusive commercial practices” stemming from the strict controls Apple imposes on pricing, data use, and contract terms with app developers. In a statement to Le Figaro, Apple emphasized the advantages of its App Store for developers, citing strong relationships with “tens of thousands” of developers in France, and emphasizing that it has paid out over one billion euros to French developers alone. Apple also added that many small startups in France have been able to see their businesses grow to reach users in 155 countries, which of course Apple credits to its investment in iOS, app development, and the App Store. The company also emphasized its stance on privacy and security, noting that it has no access to user transactions within third-party applications.
French Finance Minister Bruno Le Mair has taken issue with several of Apple’s practices, along with those of Google, claiming that both companies “take all their data” from third-party developers, “can unilaterally rewrite their contracts”, and that “prices are imposed” and has promised that he will be taking both companies to the Paris commercial court for abusive trade practices against French startups and developers. [via MacRumors]


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