Apple reveals iOS 11 adoption at 85 percent

With iOS 12 just around the corner, Apple has updated its App Store Developer Page revealing that iOS 11 is now installed on 85 percent of devices as of Sept. 3, 2018. This represents a four percent increase from May 31, when Apple last updated its adoption statistics. With iOS 12 being debuted only a few days after that, it’s reasonable to assume that adoption has slowed down with the anticipation and focus on Apple’s newer release, but iOS 11 adoption has also been slower overall than iOS 10 the year before, quite likely due to several higher-profile bugs affecting iOS 11, particularly the infamous iPhone slowdown issue that received an especially large amount of coverage in mainstream news media. Further, Apple’s promise to focus on improvements to core functionality and performance in iOS 12 likely have a number of users anticipating it as a more “stable” release than iOS 11. [via MacRumors]

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