Apple secures domain

Apple has completed the purchase of the domain name from Michael Kovatch for more than $1 million, according to a DomainTools report. now redirects to Apple’s iPhone page at . Kovatch, who owns several other high-profile domains such as and, bought the domain in 1995 in hopes to capitalize on internet telephony, even though the technology to support it did not exist at that time. Exact terms of the sale have not been revealed, but if Apple indeed paid more than $1 million for the domain, it would make the domain name sale one of the richest in history.

  1. AT&T (SBC) purchased for $100 MILLION a couple of years ago. At the time, the purchase price included some employees and a call center located in Las Vegas. The software and web hosting services the previous owners used for their search product were dumped for AT&T’s own. Therefore, it could be said that their purchase was strictly for the domain. Now THAT’S a lot of money for a URL!!

  2. I believe the largest ‘domain name only’ transaction was for ‘’ about a decade ago for $7million.

  3. Stupid stupid stupid! Apple should have just copped it and done something else. Geez. I thought they were smarter than that. But AT&T was much stupider – 100M for a domain? Pfff.

  4. the purchase of seem more like a aquisition (sp?) than a domain purchase. I mean the actually got a physical building out of the deal.

  5. That is one lucky person. $1 million dollars, that’s quite a lot for us average consumers.
    Maybe I should look into and purchase a domain name of Apple’s next product. I can only hope that I get it right.
    And also, $1 million is just pocket-change to Apple.
    Does anyone know if Steve Jobs said that he would pay for the 2-yr contract for the iPhones he gave to the Apple employees? or did he just give them the phone?
    And if he did just give them the phone, would they have to get a contract in order to activate the phone, or would they just be the lucky group of iPhone owners who didn’t have to get a contract for their iPhone?

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