Apple seeks more DRM-free music for iTunes Store

Apple has reportedly begun pursuing higher quality and DRM-free music from labels and artists, which may be available alongside the much-publicized EMI offerings. According to a report, Apple notified iTunes partners yesterday, informing them that the store will soon offer higher quality music without copy protection restrictions.

“Many of you have reached out to iTunes to find out how you can make your songs available higher quality and DRM-free,” Apple said in the email. “Starting next month, iTunes will begin offering higher-quality, DRM-free music and DRM-free music videos to all customers.”

Apple’s email appears to signify that any content publisher can sell higher quality and DRM-free music and music videos on the iTunes Store. As previously reported, DRM-free tracks from artists and bands signed to EMI will be available on iTunes starting next month for $1.29 per song.

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