Apple seeks patent on localized iTunes Store front

A new Apple patent application suggests the company is attempting to patent location-aware services for the mobile version of the iTunes Store, similar to those seen on iPhones in a limited number of Starbucks locations. Entitled “Dynamic Presentation of Location-Specific Information,” U.S. Patent Application 20090063293 describes wireless devices displaying location-specific “information pertaining to a media item being played in an establishment, such as a store, where the portable electronic device is located.” Apple first debuted similar technology in partnership with Starbucks in September of 2007, enabling iPhone users at participating Starbucks stores to see location-specific menu in the iTunes Store that displays the currently playing and recently played tracks. Post-announcement cutbacks by Starbucks appear to have shuttered plans for a wider rollout and continued access to the special stores. [via Unwired View]

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