Apple could sell 20 million iPods, worth about $3.3 billion in revenue, this holiday quarter, according to one analyst. Carl Howe of Blackfriars Communications says Apple could have a blowout quarter based on past quarterly sales, new iPod pricing that addresses more market segments, and the growing number of Apple retail stores. Howe also says that consumers have more reasons than ever to choose the iPod—music, TV shows, movies, and a plethora of accessories.

“Yes, the iPod is a mature product, and I’m sure we’ll see new refreshes of both the product and the consumer experience next year. But mature products are the ones that make big dollars,” Howe says. “Apple is well on its way to reaping the profits from five years of investments in music and retail. And because few other companies have invested as much for as long, it will also take years for anyone to dislodge it from its now dominant position.”

LC Angell

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