Apple sees shortages of unlocked iPhone 4 units in U.K.

Apple is experiencing sell-outs of unlocked iPhone 4 units at its company-owned retail stores in the U.K. due to the device’s popularity in markets where Apple has yet to launch the device. The Daily Mail reports that the phone brokers who are purchasing the handsets often form long lines prior to the stores’ openings, and that they are targeting the U.K. because it is one of the few countries that sells the iPhone 4 unlocked. The report notes that unlocked iPhone 4s are priced at £499 for the 16GB version (roughly $790) and £599 (~$948) for the 32GB version, but often sell for double the price in markets such as Dubai, Singapore, South Africa, Russia, and India, with the brokers receiving a commission of £70 for every phone they buy. Unfortunately, the situation is making it hard for regular consumers to purchase the unlocked handset. “I have come here five times now,” said Abdullah Al Mubadal, speaking of Apple’s Covent Garden store. “The guards just say there are no more phones. We are just normal customers.”

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