Apple site reveals iOS 7 for iPad, alternate icons

Apple site reveals iOS 7 for iPad, alternate icons 1

Apple has revealed some additional details about iOS 7 on its website. Images of iOS 7 on the iPad and iPad mini were spotted on the bottom of the Apple iOS 7 features page, showing iOS 7 on the second- and fourth-generation iPad, in addition to the iPad mini. A new red icon representing Photo Booth can be seen in these photos.


Additionally, viewing Apple’s iOS7 design page using a mobile device reveals a few alternate icons. The weather icon shows the live temperature, instead of a cloud and sun, and the Passbook, Reminders, Mail, and Photos icons also have been tweaked slightly. It’s unknown whether these alternate icons were from the iOS 7 developmental stage, or if they’ll be seen in future betas. [via, 9to5Mac]

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  1. Still no Weather app for the iPad? I’ve never understood Apple’s thinking here. Do iPad owners not care about Weather, or the Stock Market (app)?

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