Apple standing by its commitment to Obama era climate policies

Apple is staying the course on the commitment it made to fight climate change during the Obama administration, despite President Trump’s reversal on his predecessor’s environmental policies. Bloomberg reports that Apple stands with “many of America’s biggest corporations” such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Wal-Mart in standing by their earlier promises to address climate change issues, including switching to clean energy sources and renewable energy supplies.
Following an order signed by President Trump earlier this week essentially reversing Obama’s Clean Power Plan, Apple issued a joint statement along with Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, expressing support for the original policies

We believe that strong clean energy and climate policies, like the Clean Power Plan, can make renewable energy supplies more robust and address the serious threat of climate change while also supporting American competitiveness, innovation, and job growth.

Apple’s continued commitment to the spirit of the Clean Power Plan comes as little surprise as the company has long set goals to become a clean energy company globally, issuing supplier environmental responsibility reports annually, and having reached a point where over 93 percent of its operations worldwide are already powered by renewable energy, and in fact 100 percent renewable energy being used in 23 countries, including the United States, as well as working to dramatically reduce its carbon footprint through more efficient manufacturing processes.


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