Apple still in talks for iTunes wireless streaming service

Following yesterday’s reports of wireless streaming and synchronization features coming to iTunes this fall, CNet has indicated that the service may not be coming as soon as predicted. The article points out that although Apple has apparently been engaged in discussions with the music industry regarding a streaming service, the company has yet to actually acquire the necessary licenses from the top four music labels.

Some people within the recording industry have indicated that Apple could likely allow users to stream content from their own home computers without requiring a new license, however streaming music from Apple’s own servers would require them to negotiate a new arrangement with the recording industry. The article goes on to note that there is a small possibility that Apple may not feel that the labels’ permission is required to stream music as such a service would likely only provide users with access to music that they had already purchased.

Apple’s acquisition of music service Lala back in December would seem to indicate that the company is planning a streaming service of some form, although as usual Apple itself has been completely silent on the matter.