Apple stops returning search results for 32-bit apps, hints at new Files app

Apple is no longer returning search results for 32-bit apps in the App Store, signaling an increased push to move users entirely to 64-bit apps ahead of iOS 11, 9to5Mac reports. Apple has been warning users that 32-bit apps won’t be compatible with “future versions of iOS” and the company has only been accepting 64-bit new app submissions since Feb. 1, 2015. They’ve also been forcing app updates to follow the same requirements since June 1, 2015, so apps that would be rendered obsolete wouldn’t have been updated since early 2015 anyway, making it unlikely that they’re terribly popular and entirely possible that many have already been abandoned by their creators. Well-connected developer Steve Troughton-Smith claims Apple’s future A-series chips won’t support 32-bit apps at all, making it a hardware issue in addition to a software problem. Taking all 32-bit apps out of the App Store’s search means they will now only be accessible through direct links, putting added pressure on any developers who haven’t yet updated their offerings before it’s too late.
In other iOS 11-related news, Troughton-Smith has also spotted a listing for a new Apple app called “Files.” Listed with little in the way of a description — “Files app for iOS” — and no screenshots, the app’s purpose isn’t entirely clear, but it only supports 64-bit devices and requires iOS 11+ to operate. We don’t expect iOS 11 to be released until the debut of new iPhones later this year, so its unclear if the Files app will even be available for months to come. 9to5Mac has speculated that the Files app will come preloaded on iOS 11 devices and the listing could just be for downloads from users who choose to delete the app but later want to reinstall it. Reuters also reports that Apple will be expanding the range of apps Siri can utilize, adding to the voice assistant’s ability to integrate outside app features into its own repertoire, so we’ll be keeping an eye out for that in today’s keynote.

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