Apple Stores shifting to walk-ins for Apple Watch trials

Apple seems to have eliminated try-on appointments for the Apple Watch from its online store. An appointment was never required to try on an Apple Watch (though prospective customers would have to make an “appointment” in store), but high demand early on meant that walk-in customers trying on an Apple Watch had to buy online. Four months after the Apple Watch’s debut, Apple Retail employees say customers looking to try on the watch can now simply walk in and will be accommodated in a first-come, first-served fashion, 9to5Mac reports. While they won’t have to give up any personal information to try the watch, customers can provide their email address and Apple Watch preferences in-store to be saved in their Apple Online Store wish list for purchase later through the Apple Store app or website. Apple has relaxed requirements around buying the watch in recent months, allowing for in-store pickup in June and opening watch sales to Best Buy earlier this month.

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